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Chronic pain affects every aspect of your life and can make simple tasks like a trip to the grocery store feel impossible. Finding an effective treatment for your chronic pain can leave you feeling even more frustrated. At Piedmont Interventional Spine & Pain Center, Sanjay G. Nandurkar, MD, has helped countless patients in Lancaster and Rock Hill, South Carolina, get relief from their pain utilizing innovative treatments, including peripheral nerve stimulation. To schedule a consultation to learn more about peripheral nerve stimulation, contact the office by phone or online today.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Q & A

What is peripheral nerve stimulation?

Peripheral nerve stimulation is an interventional pain management treatment that involves the placement of a neuromodulation device under the skin near the source of your pain. The device then sends a weak electrical current along the nerve to alter activity and reduce your pain.

The pain management specialists at Piedmont Interventional Spine & Pain Center use the Stimwave Freedom SCS System, which is the smallest neuromodulator available and can be placed using a standard gauge needle, so there’s no need for surgery.

Am I a good candidate for peripheral nerve stimulation?

Your provider at Piedmont Interventional Spine & Pain Center determines if you’re a good candidate for peripheral nerve stimulation during a consultation. The pain management device may benefit those suffering from chronic pain conditions that affect the legs or back.

Though peripheral nerve stimulation may be an effective pain management tool, because it’s a more invasive treatment, you may not be considered a good candidate until you’ve tried and failed to get relief with more conservative methods, such as medication and physical therapy. 

What happens during peripheral nerve stimulation placement?

Placement of your peripheral nerve stimulator is a two-step process. Before permanent placement of your Stimwave device, your provider first conducts a trial with a temporary device, which you wear for a week. During your trial period, your provider requests that you keep a pain diary to track your discomfort.

If you had a positive experience during the trial period, then your provider can talk to you about the permanent placement of your Stimwave device. As noted, your provider can place the device using only a needle. To ease discomfort, a local anesthetic is used prior to placement.

Your provider provides specific instructions on activity modification following the placement of your Stimwave device. However, you may be able to resume your usual activities immediately following the procedure, and you can start using the device for pain relief within 24 hours.

What can I expect after the placement of my device?

Results following placement of the peripheral nerve stimulator vary. However, many people experience a significant reduction in their pain following permanent placement. 

To see if peripheral nerve stimulation is right for you, call Piedmont Interventional Spine & Pain Center or click the online booking button today.